S&T focuses on capital structure

15.04.2013 | Austria

"The consolidated balance sheet that we submitted as of the balance sheet date of December 31, 2012 is very healthy. Our equity ratio comes to 30%. Our cash position of nearly Euro 30 million was unchanged from that of the previous year. This was accompanied by a reduction in liabilities from financial year 2011's Euro 54 million to Euro 45 million as of December 31, 2012. Our objective is to now transform around half of our short-term liabilities of Euro 38 million into long-term financing," explains CFO Dieter Gauglitz.

To achieve this, S&T and its involved banks are currently undertaking negotiations on a refinancing. The company is, however, also investigating the issuing of a corporate bond. "The plans formulated for the development of our business require firm underpinnings," states Hannes Niederhauser, CEO of S&T. He adds: "A good capital structure and liquidity will help us attain that."

S&T launched a few years ago the development of proprietary technologies. These comprise security solutions in cloud computing. The company's management foresees price pressures steadily growing in the area of standardized IT solutions. The development and marketing of proprietary, technology-based solutions have proven, however, to be highly promising, and to have high margins. S&T will thus pursue this path of development and, by doing such, will increase its share of this market.

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