S&T Technologies to act as software competence center within the S&T group

28.02.2018 | Austria

Kontron affiliate – focusing on software solutions and services – launch of SUSiEtec IoT platform for Edge and Cloud computing

S&T Technologies GmbH, a subsidiary of the Austria-based technology group S&T AG, assumes the role of software- and technology center for S&T and Kontron by expanding its current Linz offices and adding offices in Augsburg. It will complement the Kontron hardware portfolio with Embedded software and Industrial IoT Solutions. In addition, it will provide the new SUSiEtec IoT platform. This is a further step to providing S&T group customers with a single source for hardware-, software- and solutions.

 S&T Technology combines core competencies from the mobility and business applications areas as well as Embedded software with expertise from various markets and industries such as manufacturing, retail and transportation. The company couples innovative in-house developments, high-quality IT solutions and professional services from a single provider.

The portfolio includes standard and customized software solutions, process consulting and business case modelling. Furthermore S&T Technologies offers implementation of digital workflows in existing systems and mobile software solutions, through to the development of enterprise software.

Working closely with its affiliate Kontron, S&T Technologies gains quick, direct access to the state-of-the-art hardware components and Embedded software solutions required for the timely and cost efficient implementation of all projects. S&T Technologies offers a service portfolio in IT and OT encompassing hardware procurement, implementation services, outsourcing, and consulting services.

The new industrial IoT platform SUSiEtec
Within Industry 4.0 applications environments, SUSiEtec takes care of the analysis and processing of data incurred. SUSiEtec lifts the traditional boundaries between data acquisition, data processing, and data provisioning, enabling the integration of IT and OT.

SUSiEtec will be customized to fit the requirements of the application, and is deployed at the boundaries between sensors and cloud. It is the link between devices, translates protocols, filters data and processes them on site if needed.

SUSiEtec can be configured flexibly and adapts to existing automation solutions to collect and analyze telemetry- and sensor data on site, to cope with rising demand for cloud bandwidth and storage.

Entering into Edge computing with SUSiEtec
Edge computing with SUSiEtec uses the local network’s computing power to control time-critical processes right on site. Data is provisionally stored locally, compressed and handed over to the cloud following a set of pre-defined rules. This enhances process security, reduces bandwidth demand and lowers operational cost. This meets the real time demands of industrial IoT.

SUSiEtec enables companies to adopt a hybrid, scalable approach to their IoT scenarios combining the advantages of on-premise solutions with professional cloud infrastructures. To meet this end, SUSiEtec is completely integrated into Kontron’s gateway, Fog Computing and server products, many of which are already Microsoft Azure-certified.

In addition, SUSiEtec offers the integration of machine learning, employing the methods of artificial intelligence to enable its own decisions on existing data when human intervention is not required. The integration of IT and OT thus enables autonomous action, and the adaption of existing machines to new conditions.

S&T Technologies provides a comprehensive service offering for hybrid IoT concepts alongside the software, including End-to-End Service Level Agreements for certain markets or projects, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings, cloud hosting, as well as systems architecture and dimensioning consulting.

The portfolio of S&T Technologies services as well as additional information are available at:


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