S&T AG secures large-sized smart energy commission in Poland

26.05.2015 | Austria

S&T Poland to supply 120,000 intelligent electricity meters and to implement head-end system 

 The S&T Group's smart energy division has secured a large-sized commission in Poland. As part of a project, S&T's subsidiary in Poland is to supply 120,000 smart meters. The commission also comprises the implementation and maintenance of the associated data management system. The commission's value comes to more than EUR 10 million. The recipient of the items to be supplied by S&T will be a Polish-Korean consortium. The end-user plans to follow up the project's completion mid-2016 with the launching of a tender comprised of some 5 million electricity meters. The value of these is to be more than USD 500 million. It will be for southern Poland.

As part of the “Smart City Wroclaw” smart energy project, S&T will supply a further 120,000 devices. This will be done by mid-2016. The recently-concluded contract contains an option for a 20% increase in the number of items ordered. S&T will also provide IT and maintenance services. This will comprise the integration of the head-end software systems required to operate the data center of the power supplier.

“We have strongly profited from the synergies extant within the S&T Group. Networked Energy Services Corp. (NES) is our California-based subsidiary. It is the world's leading supplier of smart-grid technologies. NES has supplied its first-class services to this project. Our subsidiary in Poland has also provided its great expertise in the region's IT services market to it,” notes Hannes Niederhauser, chairman of S&T's executive board.

Smart City Wroclaw is a pilot project. It will conclude in 2016. The Polish energy supplier plans on following it up with a tender for a smart meter roll-out. This commission is expected to have an order value of more than USD 500 million, and to cover all of southern Poland with 5 million smart meters. S&T will deploy its excellent portfolio of technologies in striving to secure this smart energy commission.

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