S&T AG: Deadline for subscription for former Kontron shareholders is September 26, 2017

20.09.2017 | Austria

S&T AG (www.snt.at) is pointing out to former Kontron shareholders – who are now those of S&T Deutschland Holding AG – that the term of subscription for the offer to exchange consideration consigned for S&T shares expires on September 26, 2017.

S&T Deutschland Holding AG shareholders not accepting the offer to consign consideration made by S&T or to receive compensation in cash will remain shareholders of S&T Deutschland Holding AG, which is not publicly listed and which is to be renamed Kontron S&T AG.

The offer for the consignment of consideration made by S&T AG provides shareholders of S&T Deutschland Holding AG with the option of exchanging 39 S&T Deutschland Holding AG shares (that corresponds to 39 Kontron AG shares prior to the merger) for 10 S&T AG shares and for an additional payment of 15 cents per share of S&T AG received. The requisite compensation for fractions is to take place in cash on the basis of €3.11 per S&T Deutschland Holding AG share. To obtain this, shareholders have to issue written instructions to their banks of securities deposit accounts by September 26, 2017.

In association with the offer to consign consideration made by S&T AG, a securities brochure was compiled. This was approved by Austria's FMA Financial Markets Supervisory Authority. Notification of such was registered in Germany. A supplement to the brochure was approved by FMA, in its capacity of being the official body responsible for doing such, according to KMG. The brochure and any supplements are retrievable on S&T AG's Website Sachkapitalerhöhung

Offers not comprised in the one for the consignment of consideration and the one for the payment of compensation in cash by S&T AG – such as the one from Taunus Capital Management from Frankfurt on September 11, 2017 - have not been approved by the company. Questions are to be addressed to the Investor Relations Department at ‘investor@kontron.com’. Further information is available at ‘https://www.kontron.com/merger‘.

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