S&T AG: Commentary on the share sales of June 13, 2019

17.06.2019 | Austria

Linz, June 17, 2019 – S&T AG (ISIN: AT0000A0E9W5, WKN: A0X9EJ, stock exchange code: SANT) On June 13, 2019, grosso holding GmbH (660,000 shares), which is attributable to Dr. Erhard F. Grossnigg, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of S&T AG, Hannes Niederhauser (250,000 shares), Chairman of the Management Board, and Richard Neuwirth (150,000 shares), Chief Financial Officer, sold shares of S&T AG. Due to a large number of inquiries at S&T AG, the management would like to comment as follows:

  1. Shares and stock options are part of management compensation. This also includes sales to monetize the respective shares and stock options. Mr. Niederhauser has been selling shares continuously for years, as he receives no significant salary as Chairman of the Management Board. In addition, he currently holds more than 1,2 million shares and stock options in S&T AG.
  2. Mr. Neuwirth financed mainly wage taxes and exercise amounts for the exercise of stock options through the sale and continues to hold approximately 180,000 shares and stock options after the sale.
  3. Grosso holding GmbH, which is attributable to Dr. Grossnigg, has gradually reduced its share position as a financial investor over the past few years and has now terminated it due to other investments.
  4. In addition, the management would like to expressly state that the S&T Group continues to be on the road to success in operational terms. S&T AG confirms its increased targets for the 2019 financial year (revenues of EUR 1.145 billion and at least EUR 100 million EBITDA) as well as the long-term plan "Agenda 2023", with revenues doubling to EUR 2 billion and above-average EBITDA growth.

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