Review of the conversion ratio

30.04.2013 | Austria

S&T AG received today the notification from the State Court of Linz that an appraisal will be made by the commission, in accordance with § 225g of the Stock Act (AktG), charged with the reviewing of the conversion ratio associated with the merger of S&T System Integration & Technology Distribution AG into the former Quanmax AG, which is now S&T AG. This merger was entered on December 12, 2012 in the corporate registry of S&T AG.

The conversion of the shares of the former S&T System Integration & Technology Distribution AG into those of the former Quanmax AG was undertaken at a ratio of 200 : 259. Few shareholders asked for a review of this ratio of conversion. In a letter dated April 23, 2013, S&T AG stated its position on this matter to the court. As stipulated in the applicable regulations, a term for the expression of position was granted to the placer of the motion and to those representatives appointed, in accordance with § 225f of the AktG, to maintain the the rights of those shareholders that did not lodge a motion for a review of the conversion ratio. Upon expiry of this term, an appraisal will be secured from the commission appointed by the court to review the conversion ratio, in accordance with §225g of the AktG.

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