Kontron signs a contract over EUR 30m for optical network solutions

05.12.2023 | Austria

Kontron, a pioneering force in IoT technology, announces the signing of a contract exceeding EUR 30m for fiber optic solutions. The new client is a significant player in the telecommunications sector in Germany. Kontron’s Slovenian subsidiary for broadband solutions will support the Telco operator with cutting-edge server systems and software for the operation and optimization of the optical broadband rollout in Germany.

Kontron has introduced its innovative series of Carrier-grade servers, designed to run optical networks for demanding environments. The new technologies used allow for easy upgrades of the network, efficient remote maintenance services, and modifiable data rates of up to 10 Gbps. Within the project scope, Kontron will develop specialized IoT software features, contributing to a technologically leading solution aimed at optimizing the rollout of the optical network in Germany. The implementation of the project will start next year.

For more information, see Telecommunications and Kontron Slovenia Broadband Solutions.

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