Kontron plans earnings growth of 25% for continuing IoT operations in 2023

16.01.2023 | Austria
  • Net profit to rise to over EUR 60 million in 2023
  • Guidance on 2022 revenue appears to have been met with strong Q4
  • Dividend proposal of EUR 1 per share and share buybacks
  • Start of year sees full order books and large new orders

Linz, 16.01.2023: Technology group Kontron (www.kontron.com, ISIN AT0000A0E9W5, WKN A0X9EJ, KTN) announces that, following the sale a large part of its IT services business at the end of last year, it expects the net profit from its IoT divisions to rise to over EUR 60 million in 2023, representing a 25 percent increase versus continuing IoT operations in 2022. Revenue is set to undergo organic growth of around 10 percent to approximately EUR 1,200 million. The order books are well filled, with two major orders for over EUR 130 million concluded just recently.

The company’s interim figures indicate a strong fourth quarter and that it has met the current revenue guidance of around EUR 1,100 million (income from continuing operations) or EUR 1,500 million (including divested operations). No provisional figures are available at present for net operating income including the divested units but Kontron continues to apply its previous guidance of EUR 56 million from continuing and discontinued operations, compared to EUR 48 million in 2021. Preliminary estimates suggest that Kontron will receive an extraordinary gain on sale of at least EUR 160 million from the sale of its IT services and focus on IoT activities. The final figures will be published in the 2022 Annual Report.

Kontron’s high cash reserves after the sale of the IT services business are set to be used for strategic acquisitions in the IoT sector and share buybacks in 2023. In addition, the management plans to propose a higher dividend for 2022 of EUR 1 per share.

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